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About Us

Our Business is Phosphate

Focus Ventures (TSXV-FCV) is a Canadian company developing the Bayovar 12 sedimentary phosphate project in Sechura, Peru. Sechura phosphate rock is one of the world's most reactive giving high total phosphorous yields and can be used as direct application fertilizer. It works well on acid soils in tropical climates.

Management's vision is to be the supplier of choice of Natural Phosphate Rock Fertilizer to farmers in the Americas, serving high-demand markets throughout the world and contributing to the improvement of farm yields and sustainable agriculture.

Focus is planning to produce 24% and 28% P2O5 rock concentrate. Phosphorus is an essential component of modern fertilizers, and is the key to enhancing crop yields in modern farming. Our aim is to be the supplier of choice of organic reactive phosphate rock fertilizer to markets around the world.

Phosphate is a vital nutrient and a key input in modern farming. The growing long term demand for phosphate fertilizers is driven by a combination of global population growth, increasing demand for dietary protein and a reduction in the area of arable land available for crop production.

Natural, reactive phosphate rock contains no added chemicals and is absorbed into the earth more efficiently and safely than processed fertilizers, saving farmers money, providing better yields and helping to minimize environmental impacts.