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Focus Ventures, a Canadian-listed exploration company, is exploring and developing the Bayovar12 sedimentary phosphate project in northern Peru. The Company -part of the Gold Group- has exceptional management and a top-notch technical team based in Peru, led by President David Cass.

Management's vision is to build Focus into a world leader in the production of direct application phosphate rock, serving high-demand markets throughout the world and contributing to the improvement of farm yields and sustainable agriculture. Phosphate is a vital nutrient and a key input in modern farming. The growing long term demand for phosphate fertilizers is driven by a combination of global population growth, increasing demand for dietary protein and a reduction in the area of arable land available for crop production.

Natural, direct application phosphate rock contains no added chemicals and is absorbed into the earth more efficiently and safely than processed fertilizers, saving farmers money, providing better yields and helping to minimize environmental impacts.
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Bayovar 12 Updated Pre-Feasibility Study An Introduction to Phosphate Click Here for Information on Phosphate The Agronomic Effectiveness of Bayovar RPR
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