Focused on Gold in Peru


Machay, Peru

In 2011, during ongoing property evaluations for precious and base metals, the Company identified an opportunity to stake the trend of the phosphate-bearing Aramachay Formation, a Jurassic-aged sedimentary unit in central Peru. A number geological reports written in the early 1960's for the Cerro de Pasco Corporation, highlighted numerous phosphate occurrences in the Tarma-La Oroya region hosted within the Aramachay Formation. The Mantaro deposit, owned by Stonegate Agricom and optioned by Focus Ventures, is hosted by the same geological unit, located approximately 30km to the south-east.

Reconnaissance exploration by Focus has confirmed the presence of phosphate-bearing sandstone units on its claims. The phosphate mineralization occurs as pellets of francolite, a variety of the phosphorous mineral, apatite which has the chemical formula Ca5PO4CO3.

Focus obtained grades from trace up to 11.4% P2O5 from samples collected on the eastern claims from a sub-cropping phosphatic sandy limestone unit exposed in a road cut. A work program is planned that includes mapping, trenching and drilling.